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Welcome to Berliner Georgische Gesellschaft e. V.

How did we start?
1985 Foundation of „Georgischer Club Pankow" by Stefan Kurella
1991 Re-foundation as „Berliner Georgische Gesellschaft e. V." (Rolf Schrade first chairman)
At the time being (February 2003) the BGG counts about 280 members in Germany, Georgia and other countries

Which are our aims and activities?
  • Monthly presentation in Berlin of topics to the history, economy, culture and art of Georgia and the Caucasus, often with slides, by scholars and other specialists (see Program)
  • Every second month issue of the newsletter „Mitteilungsblatt der Berliner Georgischen Gesellschaft" which publishes articles with scientific, economic and cultural themes, travelogues, news about Georgia, informations and news from the society, the monthly presented papers are published by special editions (see Publications)
  • Support of cultural and scientific relations with Georgia (exchange of scholars, support of Georgian institutes and universities, initiatives for partnerships, promotion of cultural and scientific projects in Georgia, organization and co-organization of conferences etc. in Germany
  • Support of a Georgian Library within the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz
  • Humanitarian help for Georgia
  • Private initiatives basing on personal relations to Georgia
Contact addresses:
Prof. Dr. Rolf Schrade, chairman
Berliner Str. 25
15831 Mahlow
Phone: +49 3379-393 52
Fax: +49 3379-393 55

Dr. Stefan Kurella, vice-chairman
Iserstr. 5
16515 Oranienburg
Phone/Fax: +49 3301 704839

Publications of the Berliner Georgische Gesellschaft
The newsletter „Mitteilungsblatt der Berliner Georgischen Gesellschaft" is published since January 1992. Currently are published six issues a year. Until now (February 2003) 93 issues are counted.
Number of copies: 400 (at the time being), number of pages: about 40, articles mostly in German
Annual subscription: 18 € (abroad: 20 €, for members of the BGG included in the membership subscription)
Brigitta Schrade, Thomas Ahbe (eds.): "Georgia in the mirror of its history and culture." Papers of the Second German-Georgian Symposium, Berlin 1998. Price: 16 Euro
c/o Brigitta Schrade
Berliner Str. 25
15831 Mahlow
Phone: +49 3379-393 52
Fax: +49 3379-393 55


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